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Holiday Art 2023

Updated: Jan 27

I try and complete at least a couple Christmas paintings each year for the fun of it, but this year I was confronted with an issue. It's the first year I have ever gotten a tree of my own, it's a Beautiful Scottish Pine 9 foot tall, and I had no ornaments at all for it. In fact I still didn't have any by the 25th. I began painting ornaments I plan to fill the tree with over the upcoming years. They will be flat hanging ornaments at first, but the best ones may just become 3D some day. I will also be using characters of my past (and future) for ornaments, and greeting cards.

Ornaments for 2024


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I am now on Instagram, here is a link, or you can look up CBjork.Art but it will take me a while to get used to posting things.


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