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About CBjork Art

CBjork is a full-time artist residing in Ventura, California. Born and raised in the West San Fernando Valley, Carlton grew up in a creatively vibrant environment. His parents and grandparents were artists, dancers, and father a potter, instilling in him a deep appreciation for artistic expression.

Carlton’s childhood was filled with wonder. He spent countless hours daydreaming and playing with neighborhood friends within a large miniature railroad mountain his parents built. The time was influenced by the magic of Disneyland, Saturday morning cartoons, Garbage Pail Kids, and Nintendo – all iconic elements of the '80s.

From an early age, Carlton explored painting with acrylics. He dabbled in creating holiday yard woodcuts and later focused on a detailed series of woodcut fish. As a young adult he split his time between surfing at the beach and snowboarding in the mountains – many times both in a single day.

In his early twenties, Carlton caught the attention of the publisher of Beanie Mania magazine, who invited him to contribute monthly paintings. This opportunity led to a whirlwind of collecting, art shows, and collaborations with other businesses, including Beanie World magazine. The era coincided with the rise of eBay, providing artists like Carlton a platform to gain visibility and make sales.

Under the name CBjork, Carlton sold over 2500 original paintings worldwide during the period from 2003 to 2016. His distinctive signature and eye-catching style left an indelible mark with many collectors. Additionally, he produced numerous prints, woodcuts, and 3D replicas.

Carlton’s artistic journey continues, fueled by passion, creativity, and the enduring magic of Tiki and Whimsical Fantasy.



2024 New custom frames  for certain sizes are now available. 
New 3D limited editions (very low amount) for a small selection of past paintings and new releases.  
New stickers First Edition releases.

Past art collections have been completed and archived.

2019-2023  Lots of originals created through these years, Halloween, Fantasy, and a big focus on Tiki Hula.  Also had some major life issues to handle, like building an Art Studio / ADU which took 2 years alone, plus a year of hassle, and the aftermath cleanup, setup, and organizing.


2018  More focus on Fantasy, and Tiki Hula, and the completion of rare Vegas series.

2017  Archive site for CBjork past sold paintings.

2016    Las Vegas gallery at the Linq, available paintings, prints, and 3D art.  No longer In Vegas (2017).

2015 An exploration and organization of past, and future art, the next stage in my art career has just begun. 

2014 Have nearly completed my collection of Las Vegas artwork giving me strict patience, and a skilled eye.

Nature/Floral, Las Vegas, Halloween Fantasy, and Tiki/Hula.  This is my own "Art School" time period that taught me a lot about techniques, styles, and business practice, online sales, and much much more.

2000-2005 Studied at the Academy of
Entertainment and Technology, CA 
For traditional and 3D Animation
Attended  workshops, Cal Arts, Art Institute,
and others

Solo Past Exhibitions :
1998-2000 Featured in many  magazines for painting top selling pop beanie
baby artwork.

1 man shows:
1998 Chicago IL, Convention Center
1998 Valencia Ca, Hilton
1998 Pleasanton Ca, Hyatt
1998 San Diego Ca, Convention Center
1998 Anaheim Ca, Disneyland Hotel
1999 Las Vegas NV, Sam's Town
1999 Los Angeles Ca, Hollywood Park Casino Convention center

Group Exhibitions:
1998 Chicago IL, Convention Center
Beanie Mania Magazine promotions
1999 Las Vegas NV, Sam's Town
Pre-1998, created over 50 large high detailed pastel paintings, and several ceramics sculptures.

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