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This is NOT the original painting, but it is an "original" limited edition, a number from 2 to 5, released in 2024.

Photos don't do this piece justice.

Image size 12" x 16", framed 16" x 19.5" x 2" Limited Edition 3D replica, hand embellished, also UV effects, and custom beautiful dark copper frame. The Tiki and surf board are layered attached cutouts giving a 3D appearance, the images are on heavyweight paper, finished look is textured and varnished.

Shipping via USPS Priority Mail insured, Combining shipping is possible with other purchases, please contact if you need help.

3D Pirate Tiki Surf

  • The process of producing these is quite complex and begins with a cast of CBjork's new custom Tiki frame (Mar 2024), and multiple prints precisely cut out images to give the painting a 3D look.  A back board is cut, and everything is assembled and professionally attached together like a puzzle.  CBjork has several years experience making these, and in 2024 they are at complete perfection !  After the pieces are attached, and hand embellished, the frame is spray painted and given the proper effects.  The assembled painting is given added texture and varnished with UV protection.  (however these should never be placed in direct sunlight, only LED lighting is ok).
    Back side is signed, dated, and numbered by CBjork in acrylic paint.

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